Frequently Asked Questions

What is this study? Who runs it?

We are a research team based out of the University of Toronto Sociology Department. The team is led by Professor Melissa Milkie.

What do you want to know about my life?

We are interested in how the pandemic has reshaped the family and social lives of parents and young adults living in Canada and the United States. We want to hear your experiences with family time, well-being, and school or work.

Am I eligible?

You can take the screening survey directly linked on each study page to let us know whether you are eligible or not. We are looking for parents with at least one child aged 0-17 living in their household, and young adults aged 18-24 in the US and Quebec (16-24 in all other provinces). Being eligible is not a guarantee of being selected for an interview.

What is required of me?

Once you reach out to us, a member of the research team will set up an interview at a time of your choice. The interview takes place on Zoom and is around an hour. Your participation is voluntary and you will have an opportunity to give informed consent.

What do I get out of this?

Participants will receive a $50 gift card in appreciation of their time. Other than this, there are no other direct benefits to the study.

How do I know you are safe or trustworthy?

This study has been reviewed and cleared by the University of Toronto Research Ethics Board. Your data is kept confidential and your name is not attached to any recordings. General results from the study will be used for analytical purposes but information will not be identifiable.

What do you plan to do with this study?

We are producing social research on how the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting economic situation has impacted these two distinct groups. We plan to use this data in academic publications to learn more about parents’ and young adults’ time.

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